Commercial Site Investigation Report (SIR's)

SCS Site Development Inc. specializes in providing Site Investigation
Reports (SIR's) for their clients. Our SIR is a detailed report that covers all
the existing physical attributes of the site and helps apply site design issues
that reflect on the development cost. The SIR identifies the design and
construction requirements necessary to develop the site; such as grading,
drainage, utilities, plan approval process with local municipalities, timelines
and fees required to develop the site prior to purchase. 


The relative small cost of our SIR is well worth the expense and has been proven over the years to have saved our clients time, money and has prevented development mistakes.


Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Zoning Regulations
  • Code Specifications
  • Planning Timelines
  • Engineering
    • Roads and Accesses
    • Stormwater & Errosion Control
    • Water, Sewage & Utility (Power, Gas, Phone)
  • Submittal & Permitting
  • On-site Visit to Evaluate Property


Site Investigation Report Sample